Walking under heavy rains

As we walk each day, situations could be so uncomfortable like this photo captured amazingly captured during heavy rains in our my place not so obvious though.

In our lives, there might me times that events might hard to bear and the best thing we could do is to bear it or else situations worsens. Or it make sense if we continue walking each day rather than running away from it or do nothing. Yes, sometimes we are tempted to do that but it’s normal because we are just human who get tired of everything. Humans are incapable of fixing things and controlling situations though how we wish we could do that. Anyways, in the first place God is the only one who ‘s is complete control of everything. No matter how we manipulate events still we cannot denny the reality that God’s masterplan still prevails. Always remember that when life seems and there might be a point in our lives that we have nothing to run to remember that God is always there willing to hold you very much eager to welcome you eveytime you need some place to rest. Though our feet may tired to walking in uncomfortable roads under heavy rains please take note that we can always use our knees as bow down to Him in prayer. There’s always an assurance of peace and rest that nothing can ever compare.

Yellow leaves: First few days in Göttingen Germany

This photo was captured during my first few days at University of Goettingen in the month of October. I definitely enjoyed yellow leaves near my place, though they exist in my home country yet it’s a different story here. Well, winter is coming over in few weeks so I have to tour around Goettingen City and catch some photos with these typical scene that soon to be gone just simply on my clothes still not so thick. Several adjustments were made starting from foods, language, culture, temperature and the list goes on. I seriously missed everything in the Philippines. Yes, I’m the type of very emotional slash happy go lucky girl that often overthinks with little issues in my life and can’t denny the fact that my few days in Europe is a challenging one . This is the very first time to be thousand miles away from home where I couldnt just go home whenever I want to. Quite hard but I have to deal with it for the rest of five months. God granted this amazing opportunity so it would be best to enjoy life away from home and be into His presence.

Experiencing Europe

I never expect that God would l allow me to experience the life in Europe at this very early years. I truly believe that what is meant for you will always be. In the book of Psalms, we take delight in the Lord and He shall give us the desires of our hearts. Few years ago I started telling God how I always wanted to study abroad and experience life outside my comfort zone. I just prayed for it consistently until God revealed it to me smoothly. Indeed He is a Sovereign God who is able to take control on things though times might seem so hard along the way.

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